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What's Our Story

In 1993, we started Fatso's Pizza

with an idea, some knowledge and prayer. With a bank account as thin as our pizza crust we opened the doors in December. we had made pizza for years, but it was kind of scary to do it professionally, opening our own restaurant, especially after spending all our money to buy equipment and remodel. As a matter of fact, we actually used an old cigar box as a "cash register" for the first few months of business. Nevertheless, our main goal then, as it is now, was to provide the best quality of food, friendliest service, and the coldest beer in town. Now after 29 years in business, we are still striving to offer the best product possible, and through all the years, we have created many, many friendships with out customers. And yes, even though our bank account is still thin, we have replaced the cigar box with an actual cash register. Finally, we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and friends who have helped us stay in business this long, and we promise to continue to provide the best possible service we can for the next 29 years to comer.

Thanks to you all, 

The Changose Family

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